Director, Screenwriter & Co-Producer: Georgina Luck

Tropfest finalist ‘Can’t I S$#%T in Peace’ (Executive Producer), The Last Babushka Doll (Screenwriter/Producer), winner of St Martins & Jigsaw Theatre script competitions

Director of Photography: David Richardson

The BBQ, The 25th Reich, Stressed to Kill, Right of Way, The Stopover, Prep for Life

Editor: Hayley Miro Browne

Red Dog, Paper Planes, Blessed, Cut Snake, Shanghai Noir, Agony, Idiot

Sound Recordist: David Marien

Looking for ANTSA, Charlie Bonnet, Resistance, The Laws of Attraction 101

Art Director & Sculptor: Ruth Lyon

The 25th Reich, Life on Earth: Severance, Virus, The Stopover

1st Assistant Director, Co-Producer & Casting Consultant: Angelo Salamanca

The BBQ (Co-Writer), Life on Earth: Severance, The Last Babushka Doll, Zyco Rock, Hostage to Fate

Production Manager: Lucy Ericson

Melbourne Commonwealth Games 2006 Music Manager, Suzanne Vega Tour Manager, Luciano Pavarotti Farewell Tour Orchestral Music Manager

Composer: Silvia Simons

An Australian Incantation, Terraustralis, Indigo Realms, Ice Flowers in Black Nights, Spheres 2, Gade, Oedipus Rex (The Intimate Theatre)

Camera Operator: Con Filippidis

The BBQ, The 25th Reich, After Silence, Hostage to Fate

Hair & Makeup Artist: Daphne Goulter

Life on Earth: Severance, Cerulean Blue, Mr Stowlicker

Stills Photographer: Eric Platz

Life on Earth: Severance

Camera Assistant: Laszlo Dudas

Brother Vengeance, Zero-Zero, 25.12

Production Assistant & 2nd Assistant Director: Amelia Newman

Younger and Smaller

Runner: Clancy Smith

beinArt Gallery Owners: Corinne & Jon Beinart

beinArt Gallery Artists: Jana Brike, Redd Walitzki, Ray Caesar, Rodrigo Luff

Catering: Liz Beech, Smokin Doughs Catering

A production of G Luck Productions, (c) 2018